In view of the economic and social disruption caused by the health crisis, Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale is revising its 2019-2023 strategic plan to step up its investments in technology and people while continuing to uphold its environmental and societal commitments.

Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale reasserts the relevance of its decentralized mutualist banking and insurance model, firmly anchored in the regions and centered on two sector leaders, Crédit Mutuel and CIC.

Four priorities

Be a benchmark customer-focused bank in an omnichannel world:

  • a dedicated advisor with a stronger role as part of a constantly evolving omnichannel approach: face-to-face, by phone or online, whichever the customer prefers;
  • optimized local networks to provide the right response to each customer's expectations and greater operational efficiency in each region;
  • ongoing development of in-house product offerings (insurance, leasing, etc.) and launch of a services platform for customers in tandem with partner companies;
  • an increasingly efficient system for marketing the multiservice offer;
  • enhanced synergies between the local networks and all the Group's business lines and support functions.

Be a committed bank in tune with today's world:

  • stronger engagement to assist and protect members and customers made vulnerable by the crisis, and to support everyone involved in regional development;
  • greater efforts around employment, societal and environmental issues, together with a committed policy of social responsibility and mutualist values;
  • increased training for elected directors and employees to help with change management in the business lines, and with open and responsible dialogue;
  • sharing of resources to ensure greater collective efficiency.

Be an innovative multiservice bank:

  • enhanced focus on customers in the management of IT projects;
  • simplified offers and processes based on highly effective cognitive tools;
  • continued enhancement of our technology to benefit development, security and data protection (digital privacy).

Draw on our solid position to develop our mutualist model:

  • greater selectivity in allocating capital and liquidity;
  • development centered on banking/insurance services and financial and technological services in the Eurozone, notably via the Targobank and Cofidis subsidiaries;
  • growth in profitability through the development of new synergies between the business lines for the benefit of the networks.

Realistic goals and firm commitments

In the context of an unprecedented crisis, the together#today’s world, faster, further! strategic plan contains realistic and reasonable financial objectives to step up its investments in technology and people in order to ensure growth and transformation. This is a sound long-term strategy that is in keeping with the status and values of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale as a cooperative and mutualist group.