Activity/organization/distribution structure

CIC Market Solutions is the CIC department in charge of capital markets and back office activities for the clients of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale.
CIC Market Solutions offers support and advice to senior executives, CFOs and treasurers, as well as asset managers and investors, for all of their market activities.

For managers and entrepreneurs, CIC Market Solutions proposes tailored fundraising, risk management and placement solutions.

For listed companies, it offers expertise in all aspects of trading on the stock market. As the Group's center for market financing transactions, CIC Market Solutions supports companies with all of their market needs: IPOs, capital increases, bond issues, reclassification, corporate brokerage, issuer services and financial communications.

For financial institutions, CIC Market Solutions offers investment advisory, execution, back office, custody account-keeping and fund depositary services.
CIC Market Solutions is the leader among boutique asset management firms in France. Its global research desk covers more than 500 European companies.
CIC Market Solutions also advises clients on the banking and investment solutions offered by CIC and Crédit Mutuel.

The CIC Market Solutions teams are located mainly in France (Paris and the main regional cities), but also overseas at the New York and Singapore branches.

For companies:

  • Market funding and public offerings: assisting with client financing through equity, bond or hybrid transactions
  • Hedging solutions: hedging instruments to protect against interest rate, foreign currency and commodity risk
  • Corporate brokerage: liquidity contracts, share buybacks and execution services
  • Registrar and shareholder meeting services: support for both listed and unlisted companies in three areas - keeping the shareholder register, organizing shareholder meetings and executing corporate actions
  • Financial communications advice and listing sponsorship: helping companies and their leaders to develop and deliver an equity story that reflects their business model, strategy and potential
  • Sponsored research, evaluation and diagnostics: access to an external valuation of the company to establish its strategy
  • Securities account-keeping: real-time central management of securities and cash transactions and custody of French and foreign assets

For financial institutions:

  • Custody account-keeping: expert services for asset managers
  • Fund depositary: comprehensive solutions for UCITS (undertakings for collective investment in marketable securities) and AIFs (alternative investment funds)
  • Investment advisory: a comprehensive offering drawing on economic and financial analysis by the Global Research teams and the expertise of the Corporate Access team
  • Execution and back office: a selection of hedging, optimization and intermediation strategies involving a variety of instruments, such as equities, ETFs and listed derivatives
  • Banking solutions: overdrafts, cash flow loans and cash facilities for asset manager clients to whom we provide custody services
  • OTC forex and derivative transactions: support with managing foreign currency risk in 30 deliverable currencies and around a dozen non-deliverable currencies.

Cross-business solutions:

  • Cash investment: a range of structured EMTNs (Euro Medium Term Notes)
  • Audiovisual services and webinars: creation of webinars, institutional films and video clips for social media.

In 2020, CIC signed a cooperation agreement with M.M. Warburg & Co allowing CIC Market Solutions to extend its service offering to Germany, in addition to the pre-existing European partnership via ESN LLP (European Securities Network).

Key figures in 2020

6,3 billion in outstanding d'EMTNs (Euro Medium Term Notes)

Over 100,000 opérations de couverture

Over 60 primary operations

Over 135 asset managers use our custody services

240 shareholder registers managed

550 companies covered by our research