Crédit Mutuel Investment Managers

Crédit Mutuel Investment Managers, launched in early 2020, is Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale's dedicated asset management business center. It brings together the sales teams of all Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale management entities, who are responsible for marketing all the investment solutions offered by these entities. They preserve their management autonomy and independence.

Crédit Mutuel Investment Managers supports Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale networks, external distributors (private banks, fund selectors, etc.), professional investors and businesses. It offers them a wide range of products and solutions adapted to their needs. With offices in France and Luxembourg, Crédit Mutuel Investment Managers' 46 employees, including 30 sales persons, intervene in six European countries.

Recent news

2020, Crédit Mutuel Investment Managers' first fiscal year, has seen a great deal of news. In a year marked by high market volatility due to the health crisis and the first lockdown, the teams mobilized to support the Crédit Mutuel and CIC networks. On April 17, Crédit Mutuel Investment Managers obtained its ACPR approval as an investment company, enabling it to provide all the services required for this activity. The teams were formed, bringing the workforce to 32 employees in France and 14 in Europe at the end of December. Crédit Mutuel Investment Managers positioned itself in Luxembourg by creating a branch and setting up its activity linked to its role as a business center, representing producers within the framework of savings governance. Communication actions for the brand were launched.

The year 2020 was marked by a significant net premium income of €8.3 billion in money market funds in Europe. Net premium income into CM-AM and BLI funds and mandates, excluding money market funds, amounted to €2.2 billion in Europe, making Crédit Mutuel Investment Managers one of the French asset management players who recorded the best inflows.

Crédit Mutuel Investment Managers aims to increase assets under management excluding money market funds by €26 billion over the period between 2018 and 2023.

Key figures in 2020

46 employees, including 30 sales representatives

Established in 6 European countries including France and Luxembourg

8.3 billion euros collected in 2020

Crédit Mutuel Investment Managers:

Crédit Mutuel Asset Management

Crédit Mutuel Asset Management is the asset management company of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale. It offers a wide range of funds and asset management solutions on behalf of third parties for retail customers, businesses and institutions. Crédit Mutuel Asset Management covers all listed asset classes and management styles. Its strategy is based primarily on the balance between the search for performance and risk management. It also has a wide range of employee savings funds. With more than €70 billion in assets at the end of 2020, Crédit Mutuel Asset Management confirms its position as France's fourth largest asset management company.

Crédit Mutuel Asset Management integrates non-financial criteria - environmental, social and corporate governance - into its management strategy with an offer of 20 SRI, solidarity and sharing funds. A signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment since 2012, Crédit Mutuel Asset Management obtained an A+ rating in 2020 for its commitment to sustainable and responsible finance. This expertise in non-financial criteria led Crédit Mutuel Asset Management to create a department dedicated to responsible and sustainable finance in 2020. On the back of these investments, the new range of SRI, GreenFin and ESG-labeled funds amounted to nearly €2.5 billion at the balance sheet date.

In 2020 Crédit Mutuel Asset Management received several awards, in France and abroad, recognizing the expertise of teams made up of nearly 250 employees, including around fifty asset managers. The CM-AM Conviction Euro fund was awarded by "Sello Funds People", the CM-AM Small & Midcap Euro fund won the third prize of the Globe de la Gestion and the CM-AM Europe Growth and CM-AM Tempéré International funds received the Mieux Vivre Votre Argent performance label. In addition to its funds, Crédit Mutuel Asset Management was also recognized as the most responsible fund manager in France for 2020 by magazine. It also received the Transparence de la Gestion Financière 2020 label awarded by L'Agefi magazine. In addition, Crédit Mutuel Asset Management obtained the Relance label from the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance for its CM-AM Entrepreneurs fund and the Tibi qualification for the CM-AM Global Innovation fund.

As a committed player in responsible finance, Crédit Mutuel Asset Management donates part of the investment income from the CM-AM France Emploi fund each year to the France Active association. This year, an amount equivalent to 50% of the fund's management fees was donated to this association as part of a solidarity-based approach and to give meaning to its customers' savings.

Key figures in 2020

70 billion in assets under management by the end of 2020

4th largest French asset management company

nearly 250 employees

Crédit Mutuel Asset Management:

Crédit Mutuel Gestion

Crédit Mutuel Gestion is the portfolio management company that offers customer-members management services for their financial assets held through securities accounts, share savings plans or insurance policies. Whether they are retail investors, professionals, businesses or non-profit organizations, customers can delegate the management of their assets - discretionary management, arbitrage mandate (mandat d'arbitrage), dedicated funds - or benefit from the advice of financial market professionals. Working in close collaboration with the networks, Crédit Mutuel Gestion has always opted for proximity. The 165 employees are spread across the country in six regional hubs and 21 management centers.

The organization implemented in 2020 made it possible to quickly adapt to the context of the health crisis, resulting in a strong mobilization of the teams. Commercial activity led to the opening of 5,875 new policies, resulting in a gross contribution of €2.2 billion. Thanks to net capital injections of €768 million, assets under management reached €14.6 billion with a limited market effect. Likewise, the contribution to the network's results reached an all-time high of €81 million.

In 2020, Crédit Mutuel Gestion continued to support members and customers in making more responsible investments. Responsible investment is gradually covering all of Crédit Mutuel Gestion's activities, through an ESG integration system in the selection of financial instruments used. The consideration of ESG criteria alongside financial indicators aims to identify companies that are both efficient and innovative and offer solutions to meet environmental and social challenges.

Crédit Mutuel Gestion also supports the networks in developing their financial offering. For example, it participates in fund selection and allocation advice for the portfolios managed by Assurances du Crédit Mutuel. Its expertise in UCI selection was recognized in 2020 by L'Agefi with the award of the "Best Fund Selector".

Key figures in 2020

165 employees in six regional divisions and 21 management centers

14.6 billion euros in assets under management at the end of 2020