Activity/organization/distribution structure

Employee savings plans are a form of collective savings open to professionals and small businesses seeking to optimize their taxation, and to large companies seeking to optimize their employment and wage policies.

Companies can offer their employees incentives in the form of:

  • a bonus linked to the company's performance;
  • a share of the profits.

Employees can choose between direct payment or payment into a medium-term employee savings plan (PEE) or a pension savings plan (PERCO).

Companies can also boost their employees and managers' personal savings by offering an employer contribution, which is more tax-efficient than a salary paid in cash.

All of these offers and services are marketed via the Crédit Mutuel and CIC branch networks.

Administration is carried out on behalf of employers and savers by Crédit Mutuel Épargne Salariale, a Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale subsidiary that specializes in the management and custody of employee savings plans.

Crédit Mutuel Épargne Salariale is the market leader in terms of customer numbers, with 59,775 business customers, and the fourth-largest player in terms of assets, with €9.6 billion under management.

Products/services proposed

Crédit Mutuel Épargne Salariale offers professionals and businesses solutions that suit a variety of needs:

  • packaged offers that simplify the employee savings process and make it more accessible to all companies;
  • bespoke offers based on an in-depth examination of the customer's needs (bonuses, profit-sharing, employer contribution, medium-term savings (PEE), pension savings (PERCO), employee share schemes, etc.).

Every Crédit Mutuel Épargne Salariale customer is offered personalized support:

  • a dedicated service throughout France: legal advice, administrative advice, etc.;
  • assistance and advice from a specially assigned, expert account manager;
  • a secure website on which the employee savings plans can be viewed and managed.

A wide range of tools are available for savers: a secure website, a 24/7 help line, various articles and documents on recent developments to help them understand and manage their employee savings.

Recent events

Over the last number of years, Crédit Mutuel Épargne Salariale has been enhancing its educational resources for both companies and savers. In addition to providing useful news and educational content, it puts the user at the center of its strategy:

  • in 2018, a new, more intuitive website, suitable for all devices, was launched;
  • in 2019, a new online training platform was made available offering learning resources on employee savings for the employees of its client companies.

To fill out its services offering, the subsidiary helped to establish a partnership between Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale and Edenred in 2018 for the distribution of jointly branded luncheon vouchers, an additional benefit that, like employee savings, helps to foster employee loyalty.

Key figures in 2020

62,080 companies with funds under management

10 billion in funds under management

106,277 business customers

1,203,305 employees enrolled in schemes

144 employees

80 experts in employee savings throughout France supporting the Crédit Mutuel local banks and CIC branches