Activity/organization/distribution structure

The Centre de Conseil et de Service - CCS is a business center which serves the federations, banks and subsidiaries that use the Euro-Information IT System and operates in the fields of banking production (payments, back offices, etc.), logistics and support.

CCS focuses on five major areas of activity in an ongoing effort to meet its members' requirements:

  • Improving the quality of its services
  • Controlling costs
  • Strengthening its employees' skills
  • Understanding and adapting to its members' needs and external constraints
  • Simplifying processes.

The work of the EIG is founded on its values - expertise, responsiveness, involvement and proximity - shared by all employees as part of the "Service Attitude" initiative adopted by the company, which encourages an approach that is fully geared towards our customers' satisfaction..

CCS consists of four areas of activity which include 25 business units with teams located across France:

  • Logistics:
    • Network real estate and Central Sites real estate: construction work, planning and monitoring of construction projects (project manager), contract and lease management
    • Network security and Central Sites security: defining security policy, preparation, monitoring, training & prevention
    • Central Services: archives, reprographics, files, photocopying, site supplies, vehicle fleet management
    • Hardware Helpdesk: network and central site user support
    • MATLOT: ordering and tracking of computer hardware and mobile phones
    • Access rights: management of profiles and rights to access the IT system
  • Payments (certified ISO 90001) :
    • Cash management: supply and remission of euro and foreign currency cash
    • Checks and bills of exchange: handling of processing anomalies for customers and branches, accounting adjustments, processing of non-standard checks
    • International and Payments Business Center: processing of payments in euros and foreign currencies, loans, foreign checks and bills of exchange, documentary remittances and international guarantees
    • Electronic payments: acceptance, issuance, fraud and disputes, research and developmentt
    • Electronic Transfer Helpdesk: helping the networks and their business customers, companies and associations with electronic transfers and remote banking.
    • Corporate Services: management of back office operations for medium and large companies and corporate customers
  • Back Offices:
    • Bank Savings: expertise and answers to questions about bank savings and third-party management
    • Loans and Guarantees: handling of complex events involving loans, support, management of guarantees received, French guarantees, complex loans
    • Proceedings for Enforcement: handling of complex repossession cases and network support
    • Out-of-court Collections: preparation of a repayment schedule with customers to put their accounts back in order, day-to-day account management
    • Overindebtedness: processing of overindebtedness applications sent by the Banque de France
  • Network Support:
    • Organization: project research and support
    • Network assistance: support for the networks (tools, procedures, products and services)/li>
    • Publications: management of the internal document database, form letters and contracts library
    • Estates: administering the accounts of deceased customers, relations with heirs and notaries.<.li>
    • Fast: assistance and monitoring banking mobility (account switching)
    • Online Banking and Insurance: handling of calls and requests from banking and insurance customers and prospects, sales of products, amendments.

CCS offers a wide range of services in all its areas of activity (business experts, remote assistants, organizers, project managers, sales representatives, managers, etc.). The expertise acquired by CCS employees through special training and day-to-day on-the-ground experience enables them to serve both the Crédit Mutuel network and the CIC network, as well as the group's subsidiaries.

Key figures in 2020

2,425 employees

25 business units

More than 70 professions carried out at CCS

30 main sites (cities)