Activity/organization/distribution structure

Crédit Mutuel Immobilier encompasses all of the Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale real estate business lines:

  • AFEDIM provides the networks of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale and CIC and the federations of Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe, Crédit Mutuel Maine-Anjou Basse-Normandie and Crédit Mutuel Océan access to a catalog of more than 25,000 new properties (apartments, homes, serviced residences) which it has pre-selected and referenced from the offerings of our network of partner developers. It also offers all its investor clients a leasing management and insurance service;
  • AFEDIM Gestion provides real estate leasing and management, technical, administrative and real estate legal services for landlords and investors, based on the same scope as AFEDIM;
  • Crédit Mutuel Aménagement Foncier transforms unprepared sites into sites ready for the construction of residential buildings, public facilities or buildings for tertiary services;
  • Crédit Mutuel Réalisations Immobilières (SOFEDIM) operates at the point when land ready for construction is provided to Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale's developer clients, by acquiring interests in their programs and overseeing financial management of the operations in return for a management fee;
  • Where requested by the wider network, Crédit Mutuel Participations Immobilières offers equity support for the real estate development operations of the group's developer clients;
  • Valorisation Immobilière helps Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale's personal and professional customers to ascertain and maximize the value of their real estate assets, notably by organizing tenders among approved development partners and customers of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale;
  • Ataraxia Promotion, a fully-fledged developer in France's Ouest region, offers Crédit Mutuel and CIC network customers real estate that precisely matches their needs and guarantees a high level of quality.

Key figures in 2020

  • Crédit Mutuel Immobilier: contribution to group profit in 2020: €61.27 million, including €57 million in fees paid to the network.
  • AFEDIM: 6,389 new properties sold in 2020;
  • AFEDIM Gestion: a portfolio of 24,510 properties as at December 31, 2020 and nearly 7,309 real estate leases established in 2020;
  • Crédit Mutuel Aménagement Foncier: 701 sites for construction reserved in 2020;
  • Valorisation Immobilière: 268 land records received from the network and pre-sale agreements signed on the equivalent of 476 housing units in 2020;
  • Crédit Mutuel Réalisations Immobilières: Nine new transactions launched under joint development arrangements in 2020, corresponding to 668 housing units;
  • Crédit Mutuel Participations Immobilières: 12 capital rounds in 2020;
  • Ataraxia Promotion: 313 reservations of new housing units at December 31, 2020.